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For some reason, though, I actually enjoyed it less than Proof by Seduction. The heroine, Kathleen, uses her privilege to help wives escape abusive husbands, and her husband, Ned, assists her without question in this venture. The fact that he remains ashamed of his depression and unwilling to discuss it with loved ones is a barrier in his relationship with Kathleen. That felt very accurate to my own experience dating someone with depression. No doubt another reader would enjoy that, but it keeps me from feeling particularly invested.

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Review: Fade to Black. Review: Invisibility. Audiobook Review: Carnival of Souls. Bonnie For the Love of Words says:.

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Thank you so much for this review! It sounds like this story will probably be a little emotionally challenging for me to read but ultimately will make me very happy. I came to this book after reading two other entire series by Ms Milan and was blown away by how powerfully I related to the story and now to this review.

My husband is bipolar and his disease first showed after a few years into our then weekend marriage, so it was difficult to understand what was going on since we spent so little time together and so frustrating at that. I am not sure we have found the perfect coping techniques, but being aware of a problem and determined to face it and deal with is a good start. Even if you have thankfully not experienced such problems in your life, you will enjoy this book and the romance — love does conquer all in this book in the end, especially the fear of sharing your problems with a partner who is only too willing to share your burdens out of love for you.

Love all the hurdles people are finding to romance—by opening up a big wide door to acceptance-ville. She is also a courtesan, and the hero wrote a book on male chastity. It is delicious. Her Once Upon a Marquess has a hero dealing with severe anxiety and a past drug addiction, and her Trade Me has a hero with an eating disorder. Althea, I just spent a couple hours reading your story — it was beautiful!

Short stories are difficult, but you paced it right, with the crisis you placed your main characters in being intense enough to make it natural for them to reveal their painful secrets early on, and a sense of suspense. I particularly liked the way you depicted the antagonist in the story. No real villains here. What a wonderful squee. I have a daughter who suffers from depression and it is very, very hard to be on the outside looking in and feeling helpless.

It will be nice to see in fiction, if nowhere else, some success at working things out. Your Website:.

Proof by Seduction (Mills & Boon M&B) - Courtney Milan - Google книги

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Proof of Seduction (Courtney Milan, Carhart #1)

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After being on his own in China for three years, Ned has decided to come home. Kate on the other hand thought she had a promising marriage to Ned, and was blind sighted and heartbroken when Ned told her he was leaving for China. To protect herself from more hurt, she created a frivolous character to shield her inner self.

And for three years it has worked. Whilst in public she comes off as nothing but a ditsy character who loves to shop, in private she secretly helps hideaway women who are being abused. When her best friend is in desperate need for help, Kate secretly helps her, hoping that nobody will catch on. But Kate has the surprise of her life when her estranged husband happens upon her. After the initial shock has worn off, Kate realises that the Ned that left for China three years ago has arrived back a different person, one that can hurt her more deeply than before. For realz!

Ned is not a broody hero who is broody just for the sake of it. And this is something that he fights with throughout the book.